The Many Faces of the World Animation

The animation exhibition “Watch Me Move” from London will open in  Moscow on November 18. About 150 exhibits of world animation will be on display.All types of animation will be presented at VDNKh (pavilion 15), including sand, silhouette and pixel animation, rotoscoping, stop-motion and shadow play, as well as chronophotography, animated comics, sketches, storyboards and character models, old cameras and film projectors.

In addition to that visitors will see animation experiments of the early 20th century and animated art house of the new wave. The exhibition will be divided into seven sections on various subjects. “The Heroes” (Flinstowns, South Park, Mickey the Mouse, The Simpsons), “Phantoms” (The Jurassic Park and other exhibits), “The Supermen” (Hulk, Super Family and others) are among them.

The exhibition will introduce the visitors of VDNH to the most important names of the world animation – from the authors of the first black-and-white experimental cartoons to the leaders of the new wave of animated art house. The exhibition will include the best releases of the major animation studios such as Walt Disney, Warner Bros., Aardman, Pixar, Ghibli.

For more information, please, check the webpage of the exhibition. Operating hours 11 am – 10 pm. Ticket prices – 250 rubles – for adults, 100 rubles – for children.

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