Top Unexpected Monuments in Moscow

The ‘Kind’ Pyramid
A giant pyramid has been erected just 20 km outside the city of Moscow. The monument is said to radiate positive energy, so strolling around it is good for your health. Entrance is free 38 km Novorishskoye Highway.


Monument to Sherlock Holmes and Doctor Watson
In Moscow, these legendary heroes become pedestrians, and rest casually on a bench. Sitting between them is said to bring good luck. Fun fact: the monument in Moscow is the only sculptural composition in the world where Conan Doyle’s popular heroes stand together for the public to enjoy. The monument was erected by the British Embassy.Smolenskaya Embankment


‘Children Are the Victims of Adult Vices’
This grouping of 13 sculptures depicts adult vices which affect children, including alcoholism, drug addiction and prostitution.


The figures are depicted as visibly closing in on two unaware playmates – a girl and a boy. The statues are controversial, since some Muscovites have voiced concerns that the graphic imagery may frighten children.Bolotnaya Embankment


‘Signs of the Zodiac’ Park in Moscow
Even pipes and refrigerator compressors can form something unique in the hands of creative sculptors. All 12 of the sculptures are made from scrap metal,


but not all would be described as modest and polite – particularly by citizens who drink beer and ride bikes.Beringov Passage


‘Drunk: Don’t Drive!’
This monument comprises a tall bottle filled with the smashed parts of vehicles, and is located close to a highway to remind drivers to be aware on the road.Krasnopresnenskaya Embankment


Michael Jackson
In this monument located in the city center, the singer who had a song about Moscow among other hits, appears in his legendary concert costume in gold.Noviy Arbat Street


‘Make Way for Ducklings’ 
The fairytale by the same name was written by Robert McCloskey in 1941, and tells the story of two ducks who decided to live near Boston’s central park. At one point a policeman even blocks traffic so that the mother duck and her ducklings can get to the park more easily. In 1991, Barbara Bush presented a copy of this sculpture to Raisa Gorbachova, wife of Mikhail Gorbachev, and the monument was placed in Novodevichy Park. In time, the ducklings came to symbolize friendship between children from the USA and the USSR.Novodevishy Passage


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