One of our goals at Big Time Moscow is to bring you truly unique experiences, specifically for expats who have already been to all the usual places. Today, we would like to recommend Cheburechnaya Druzhba – a Soviet-style ‘café’ that serves steaming hot chebureks.


Located at the Sukharevskaya metro (orange line), opposite the McDonalds, and next to the Indian spice shop, it is easy to find.


A cheburek is a half-moon shaped pastry filled with meat. They are hot and tasty, freshly baked on location, and not to be confused with the tough, oily ones you buy from kiosks.


The café still  operates the way it did in Soviet times. There is a corner in which to clean your hands, a queue at the serving window and high tables to facilitate eating.

There are no chairs, no waitresses and no filling options.image4

While you are queueing, have a quick look at the drinks options – cold drinks, beer, kvass and different teas are available. The Cheburek cost 50 roubles each. The cashier will take your order and ask you how many people are in your group, and then give you plates and napkins for each person.

The queue moves very quickly; we were helped within seconds. After you receive your meal and drinks, you eat at one of the convenient high tables.


The Cheburek is eaten in a similar fashion to the khinkali (хинкали). First, bite a little hole in the top, and then carefully drink the sauces inside. Then, fold it in half and eat it like a big samoosa. I drank kvass with mine – the sweetness of the kvass really balances the savory sauces. Apparently, sweet tea is also recommended with this meal.

Treat yourself to one (or two!) this weekend!

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