Here is a quick roundup of a few of our favorite Moscow headlines for the week:

-A MOSCOW OF DANCING FEET, UNDER AN IRON FIST the city has donned a beautiful summer dress. There is a bike share program, Wi-Fi on the subway and free tango lessons in Gorky Park.…/a-moscow-of-dancing-feet-under-an-…11825656_1444273195902720_2477644354075996629_n

-TOP 5 – AND A HALF – MOSCOW OUTDOOR CINEMAS You can sit in the open and delight in watching a movie under the stars.…/top-5–and-a-ha…/527495.html


-MOSCOW READY TO HOST SWIMMING WORLD CUP ON AUGUST 11-12 The 2015 edition of this World Cup will comprise several novelties: it will be exclusively held in 50m-pool; all the legs will be qualifying events for the 2016 Olympic Games in Rio 11036694_1444273422569364_3782591932149823170_n

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