Open-Air City Workouts: Muscovites Are In

In a huge city like Moscow one expects to find many large open-air fields. There are nearly 30 parks with open-air workout facilities available in Moscow this summer. Of course location is important, so the fields that are within walking distance of subway stations are on the list, but most are not found in the city center.

Reebok_Fitness_Park_1 (1)

Goncharovo (Butyrskiy)
Modern Moscow parks often feature kids’ playgrounds, cycling lanes and dedicated workout and dancing areas. Goncharovo is one such park, and also boasts Wi-Fi and a rubber cover. The expression ‘Work Out’ itself has become an integral part of Moscow media language, and is now used to demarcate training zones in parks like Goncharovo. This park is also one of the first to feature a chess pavilion.


Severnoye Tushino
Across the board this park is filled with sports facilities and workout spaces. It is arguably the best place to experience all kinds of open-air attractions, as the park officially encompasses seven other green spaces. A whole day can be filled with active outdoor sports, classes and lectures in the park.

A workout zone has also been established in the park, and features tennis and basketball courts. The extreme corner, though quite small, is not a bad place to try extreme cycling as a beginner on the so-called pump-track.

A special zone featuring hand-made centers and a so-called ‘Constructor camp’ welcomes kids. The ‘Izbushka House’ center is a new kind of educational facility for Muscovite kids that also operates as a summer camp and short-term daycare facility.

This theme park shares its territory with five sports grounds and five tennis courts, and offers rare types of sports including archery and shooting with a crossbow. In addition, open-air festivals are held here every summer weekend.

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Neskuchny Garden
Muscovites are well-known for their rushed lifestyle, so many city services are available seven days a week, including the crossfit workout sessions in the Neskuchny Garden. The gear is new and the crossfit movement is gaining massive popularity in the city. A referral from a family doctor is not required, but the recommended age for beginners is between 20 and 40.


Working out in the fresh air can be a joy, especially for those who regularly run, jump and push their bodies. Since motivation is an international problem, “Street Workout” movement members inspire people and arrange workout sessions themselves. People of all ages and physical conditions are welcome, and beginners are advised to start a ‘100 days workout’ to develop their fitness

Moscow Park Sports Activities List

Running Clubs Gorky Park, Sokolniki, Fili, Tagansky Park, Voronsovsky Park,Kusminki, Perovsky Park


Central Workout Fields Gorky Park , Sokolniki, The Bauman Garden, Krasnaya Presnya, Izmailovo, Fili, Babushkinskiy Park

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