Why the anti – cafes lovers hate to leave them

The concept behind the growing number of ‘anti-cafes’ in Moscow, is that what a customer pays is based, not on how much they eat or drink, but on how much time they spend there. Clients can be charged per minute, per half-hour or per hour, with the average rate being two rubles per minute.

In these welcoming spaces, guests can get cozy on the sofa with a book, work, play or just chill out and watch TV. However, the founders of the ‘anti-cafe movement’ have gone even further. They have also taken steps to fill the well of personal creativity within their spaces.


These spaces make it easy to switch from a working to a playing mood in a second. At any time you can wander over to the large-screen cinema corner, or settle down for a nap with a pillow and blanket.


The oldest anti-cafe in the world – “Babochki”(“Butterflies”) – successfully combines a bar with a library and a playing zone.

Initially these anti-cafes were set up in the traditional manner of ordinary cafes. However, over the past year, as the movement has grown, they have developed into hubs large enough to host a wide range of arts and crafts lessons, studios, lectures, workshops and business meetings. Others have the reputation of being the best places to get together and play board games.


Dozens of table games are at your disposal at no extra charge. You can reserve either a table or a separate room for a championship with your friends.

Over time, anti-cafes have expanded to start hosting business conferences, alumni programs and even film festivals, with many companies collaborating with anti-cafes in arranging joint events.


In anti-cafes cuddling up with outlandish pets is not only allowed – it’s free!

As even more anti-cafes advertise their upcoming openings, and with some of them advertising themselves as speaking clubs or startup incubators, the trend in anti-cafes seems to be heading toward greater and greater specialization.

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